We love nature. We love the beauty of it, how it works, what it does, what it gives and what it allows us to do. This love of nature, a strong sense of gratitude, and the problem that all four of us were struggling to „do better“ daily, brought us together. 

We started this project aspiring to create a „tool“ that would help us overcome our struggle and ultimately would empower us to live a ecologically responsible lifestyle. It quickly became clear that „eco-responsibility’s“ biggest competitor is „convenience“. We live such busy lives as it is, and thus strive for convenience in everything. We realized that in order to help ourselves live a „eco-responsible“ lifestyle, this lifestyle would have to be at least as convenient as our current lifestyle. Out of this understanding … POOF … EEVIE was born.

In EEVIE („E“ for Ecological and „EVIE“ meaning life) we envision an assistant that organizes eco-responsibility into our daily lives without compromising our convenience, striving at making the eco-responsible lifestyle the better alternative. 

We our selves do not live a truly eco-responsible lifestyle as of yet, but we are getting better day by day and hope that EEVIE will help us (and maybe many more people in this world) make this transition easier than ever before. 


We believe that everyone should be able to live their daily lives in a eco-responsible manner without having to compromise their convenience. It's just way cooler! :)


meet the team

Tono Profile

Tono Willms
CEO, Co-Founder


Lenni Paar
CTO, Co-Founder


Raphi Ferretti
CSO, Co-Founder