your guide to a sustainable life

Eevie is an eco habit tracker that was carefully designed to help you improve your carbon impact by making small changes every day.

Join a community that works together, one habit at a time, towards building a sustainable future for all.


The eco habit tracker

โœ… Track sustainable activities
and improve your environmental impact

๐Ÿ‘ Select up to 20 different habits
to live more sustainably

๐Ÿ”” Get useful reminders to help you make
the right decision in the right moments

๐Ÿ‘ซ Join forces with your friends
and widen your impact


each habit takes you one step closerโ€ฆ


Why this is so important


The overexploitation of our natural resources is causing irreversible damage to our environment. Our behaviour is changing the climate and temperatures are rising faster than ever before.


Increasing temperatures will cause rising sea levels, extreme storms and draughts and countless people will loose their homes.


We need to significantly reduce the amount of greenhouse gases we release into the air in order to prevent a global catastrophe.


Eevie can help us make small changes to improve your impact every day. Small changes matter because they determine who you are tomorrow. The sum of every small action makes a large difference and brings people together, who want to change their future.

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